Hi girls! I want to tell you how much I love lightroom . I feel super comfortable editing  on it and it has almost everything I
need, I do in photoshop just some more drastic cleanings. 

I want to share with you a little about how I edit my black and white images.

I love B&W images with lots of contrast and depth! this image I'm going to show you was edited with just the basic panel, which
is the second panel lightroom shows you in develop mode, just below the histogran panel.

The basic panel has 3 tools that I consider super powerful for black and whites images: Contrast, blacks and clarity. I'll show
you what each one of these tools does with your image.

1.  Here is the image with just one click on the B & W tool. iT'S A FLAT BLACK & WHITE!

2.  Now I applied Contrast: +41 , Blacks: -38 e clarity: +38

3. Keep in mind that when you increase an image in contrast and clarity, whites and hightlights will also increase.

4. To fix this I decreased the highlights and whites to -20.

5. Even though I have decreased the values of hightlights and whites, her t-shirt continues with the red channel in the range of
92. I like to leave the red channel always below 89, because it is better to print the image. I'm going to fix this with the brush tool applying only on her shirt.

6. By clicking on the square on the left of the histogran panel I noticed that when I decreased the values of blacks I lost details in the shadows. In some parts of the image this doesn't bother me, but I would like to bring back some of her hair. All the information I lost is what's in blue.

7. I fixed that with the brushing tool applying all over her hair.

8.  I finished the image using the graduated filter tool to darken the area to the right of the image, giving the impression that the only light source is on the left, which is not true, as there is a door to the right of my daughter.

9. Before and after.

10. Image with just one click on the B & W tool. (Flat Image)

Final image with all adjustments