Beautiful macro images with a simple setting

Some friends of mine ask me if I have any studio hidden in my house, because they look at my macro images and do not understand how that is done. Then I try to explain, but only with words is difficult to understand. So here's a torturais about how I make the most of my macro images!

You can do beautiful macro images with a simple combination of materials that you have in your house!

1°) Choose a place that has interesting lighting. I want to illuminate my flower on the right side and get shadows on the left side.

2°) Think about what kind of texture you want to bring to your background, an explosion of colors or a solid color, anyway, use your creativity!

I used my mom's room, which has a big window.

Here is my set up:

It's important to say that I've just opened my mother's wardrobe and randomly chose some colorful pieces!

The plant I used ( do not ask me what it is, my mother's house is full of interesting and unknown plants, haha! .... this is not a fruity,....though it may seem):

I chose 4 different backgrounds to play with.
I used the same bouquet in all the images and looked for different angles:

First background:

Second background:

Third background (Yellow is not a color I really like but as I have dark tones in the plant I took a risk to see how it would look and I liked the result):

Fourth background:

Here I used the table as background photographing from above:

And some B & W:

Here is a silent video showing how I edited the images. 

In all images I used my 5D Mark III and my Canon macro lens 100mm 2.8L

With all these examples I want to tell you that you don't need to spend a lot of money on products and settings to make gorgeous macro images. Use what you have in your home! Be creative, explore your garden, your wardrobe or your kitchen and enjoy the result.

Hugs to all of you!