I remember that as a kid my father was forever trying to take photos of me and my brother. He made us stand still and smile big for the camera. I remember feeling so uncomfortable. All I wanted was to get back to playing. When I look at my childhood pictures now, all I can think of is how staged they are and how I would love to have photos of spontaneous moments of me just being a kid... Of course I forgive my father, since he was not a photographer!

In the end, it was thinking about all this that made me fall in love with Lifestyle|Documentary photography. I look forward to registering real and spontaneous moments for your family. I understand the value of capturing life the way it really is, the way you’ll want to remember it years from now!

I really believe it is worth photographing everything that connects a family – the tears and smiles, kisses and hugs – the special routines, feelings and behaviors  that are unique to you. No other family is like yours! Having said that, please do not wait to lose weight to book a photo session, or remodel the house, or buy nice clothes for the kids etc. Life goes by too fast. Soon your little ones won’t be so little anymore! There is no such thing as a perfect family, perfect parents, perfect children, perfect house, perfect moment. There is only your family as it is today: beautiful, with its ups and downs. Let us embrace that and capture your real family!

Of course, at certain moments during the session, I might direct you a bit and bring you closer together, but I promise it will all be done in a very relaxed way! I will never ask you to be anything but yourselves in a session. Click here to see my work with other families!

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Click the ‘contact’ tab to send me a note. Tell me a little about your family, imagining what you’d like to remember, years from now.

I look forward to getting to know you!