Hi there, I’m so glad you have found me!

My name is Gisele Queiroz! Gia is my husband Cristiano’s nickname for me. He gave it to me during our first year of marriage and it wasn’t long before it caught on with my family and friends! Together we have 2 beautiful children, Miguel (8) and Gabriele (4). 

In 2006, I began my undergraduate studies in music at a university in Brazil (as a pianist). Halfway through the course we had our firstborn son Miguel. As I started to photograph my son I fell deeply in love with the art of photography. In 2012, I graduated from college and started working as a piano teacher while I also studied photography. As time went by my passion for photography only grew and after years of study and practice I opened my business as a professional photographer.


I specialize in family, maternity and newborn photography. I treasure capturing the special moments in my own family, and as I started photographing other families I loved being able to capture their special moments as well. Photographing mommies full of expectations while waiting for a baby, capturing families in love with their newest family member, catching spontaneous and blissful moments between siblings. Oh, how I treasure the connection between parents and their children...


We are a Christian family and we have walked in dependence upon Him! I thank God for everything we have experienced as a family to this day and I know that He will do much, much more!! Click here to see how I document our life!


Here I Am!

My Style


I remember that as a kid my father was forever trying to take photos of me and my brother. He made us stand still and smile big for the camera. I remember feeling so uncomfortable. All I wanted was to get back to playing. When I look at my childhood pictures now, all I can think of is how staged they are and how I would love to have photos of spontaneous moments of me just being a kid... Of course I forgive my father, since he was not a photographer!

In the end, it was thinking about all this that made me fall in love with Lifestyle|Documentary photography. I look forward to registering real and spontaneous moments for your family. I understand the value of capturing life the way it really is, the way you’ll want to remember it years from now!

I really believe it is worth photographing everything that connects a family – the tears and smiles, kisses and hugs – the special routines, feelings and behaviors  that are unique to you. No other family is like yours! Having said that, please do not wait to lose weight to book a photo session, or remodel the house, or buy nice clothes for the kids etc. Life goes by too fast. Soon your little ones won’t be so little anymore! There is no such thing as a perfect family, perfect parents, perfect children, perfect house, perfect moment. There is only your family as it is today: beautiful, with its ups and downs. Let us embrace that and capture your real family!

Of course, at certain moments during the session, I might direct you a bit and bring you closer together, but I promise it will all be done in a very relaxed way! I will never ask you to be anything but yourselves in a session. Click here to see my work with other families!

See FAQ (below) to know more about how everything works!

Click the ‘contact’ tab to send me a note. Tell me a little about your family, imagining what you’d like to remember, years from now.

I look forward to getting to know you!





Q: What is a lifestyle/documentary session? Do we have to pose? How does this type of session work?

My documentary-lifestyle approach of capturing your family means almost no posing is necessary and no props will be used. Of course, I will direct you + your family to interact with each other and ignore that I'm even there.  We'll run, jump, laugh and play. Then I'll simply capture the magic,but all in a very relaxed way! I do my best to not interfere with the environment in any way. All you need to do is be yourself and carry on as you typically would with your family. In a session with me, I will never ask you to be anything but yourselves.

It is important for you to understand that in a newborn session I will not pose your baby in any position that is unnatural to the newborn, as this is not my style. I do not do posed sessions. I fell in love by photographing the real moments of a family and this is what I offer to you!

My work is a combination of traditional and documentary newborn and family portraiture.

Click here to understand my style and see if that is what suits your expectations.

Q: Where will my session be held? 

I am a natural light, on location photographer. Together we will choose the perfect location for your session. Newborn sessions are always held at your home.

Q: When are newborn sessions done? 

I believe newborn sessions are most magical when done during the first 4 weeks of life.Having said that, I do newborn sessions at a time that is best for you, so, if it gets better for you a month after the birth of your child it's okay for me!

Q: How long is our session?

Family and newborn sessions are typically 60-90 minutes , although an in-home newborn session may run a bit longer, depending on your baby’s nursing, comforting, and diaper change needs.

Q: What kind of locations do you recommend?

I shoot both in-home and on-location, but regardless of the “where,” the most important question is, "Is this place meaningful to your family?" Consider places that are part of your family history or routine. While the connection between people is most important, if the environment can enrich the story, it will be all the more meaningful!

Q: What should I wear?

Be comfortable. Just be yourself. Please do not go out and buy new outfits for everyone. It’s not that kind of session.
My only suggestions would be to avoid perfectly matched outfits, and brands and logos that are visible.
See my Pinterest board for ideas on what to wear.

Q: What should we plan to do?

For family sessions,you might think of a few activities to help with the flow of the session, but in my experience, just let your kids be their amazing selves! Offer a couple of options to get things rolling, and then let the session unfold naturally. I want to photograph the activities you usually do together as a family: Reading together on mom's bed, playing together, going to the ice cream shop, walking in the park etc. Just relax, enjoy and love on your family. Let me capture it all in pictures!

Q: What is a print release?

When you purchase digital files, you will receive a limited print release that gives you permission to use the images for non-commercial purposes. This includes permission to print an unlimited number of copies of the images at any size, and to share the watermarked version on the web. However, copyright and artistic ownership remain with me.

Q: Will I get my digital files after the shoot? 

I offer a simple all-inclusive collection that includes all the high-resolution digital files (on a lovely USB drive) and a print release. 
A minimum of 75 digitals will be available but usually there are more.

Q: How far out do you book?

I typically book sessions three weeks to three months in advance. If you are interested in newborn portraits, please inquire while you are pregnant. 
Have you already delivered? No problem. I try to leave openings in my schedule for newborn sessions.

Q: What if I have to cancel?

Your session retainer serves as a non-refundable fee. If you cancel more than 7 days before your session, the retainer may be transferred to a session at a future date. However, if you cancel less than 7 days before your session, I reserve the right to retain the amount in full.

Q: How do I book a session with you? 

  • First we will match the type of session you want and the best date for you.

  • you'll get a contract which confirms the details of our session, the dos and don'ts, what happens if someone is sick or it's raining and all the stuff you need to know about copyright. It thoroughly looks after us both.

  • You will pay me $300 to reserve the date of your session.

  • We will combine your payment method of the session, which can be by bank deposit.

Click the ‘contact’ tab to send me a note telling me what kind of session you want and a little about your family. Imagine what you’ll like to remember, years from now. I look forward to getting to know you!


I hope to meet you soon